The strongest joint in trend circle of the year – Nike x FOG basketball shoes

Time is coming to the end of the year, I thought the event of this year’s trend circle was over, but I never thought that this last month would be the strongest joint event this year.

After many photo exposures and star celebrities, the Fear of God x Nike official finally confirmed to be available in early December.
In the early days, instgram had a question from the netizen asking Vans joint replenishment, a no more vans, seems to have hinted at it.
In September of this year, some lookbooks and other photos on the insagram have seen the shadow of the most topical basketball shoes.
Before the official website publicity, using topical events such as star ups and feet, causing heated discussion on social platforms, using social media to promote the momentum has become the most powerful methods of the current brand.

Lebron James, who signed Nike, and Tuck, who has a good relationship with Nike, naturally received the task. They wore the pair of Fear of God basketball shoes on the court to help the brand come to the public.

Plus the core of this joint name is basketball, NBA is naturally the best publicity stage.
With the star and trend of KOL’s strength and propaganda, this joint name has been for a long time, just waiting for the official release.
It is worth mentioning that this is actually not the first time Fear of God chose basketball to combine the theme elements with the brand.
Fear of God has launched a series of coach jackets, basketball trousers, mesh shorts and other products with the theme of the Celtics in the 1980s.

The product is based on the green color of the Celtic logo and comes with a classic “four-leaf clover”.
It turns out that there is a precedent, so it is not surprising that this street fashion brand will choose basketball as a joint theme. According to Hypebeast’s visit, Lorenzo expressed his love and preference for basketball and sports. Lorenzo himself is an uncompromising sports fan.

Lorenzo said that the street costumes were inspired by top star athletes. At the time, Andre Agassi and Michael Jordan were at the peak of their sports career. Their dresses were very beautiful both in design and aesthetics.
Lorenzo hopes that this cooperation will let everyone to re-light the spotlight back to the athletes, and let people re-recognize the decisive influence of the sport on the style. Speaking aside, sports aesthetics combined with fashion street brands are quite a lot in these two years , Air Yeezy basketball shoes have been warming up for half a year.

The sneakers are paired with Fear of God’s high-shoes, combined with the military boots elements commonly used in the Fear of God series combined with avant-garde sneaker styles such as the Nike MAG.

In terms of clothing, this time brought long sleeves T-Shirt, basketball vest, half zip pullover, hooded Parka, sports trousers and basketball shorts.

In the tailoring style, Fear of God’s style is followed, and the Nike and NBA logos are simply decorated. Finally, let’s take a look at this joint name and feel the most powerful joint this year.

A small review of NikehyperdunkX – Back to the original air cushion

Nike is number one now in the field of basketball shoes. No brand has its brand competitiveness, so dose the biggest competitor Adidas. When we talk about Nike basketball shoes, we have to say the nike hyperdunk series. The latest product in the series is hyperdunk X, which is the habitual hyperdunk 2018. This pair of sneakers is the most comfortable sneakers i wear this year, and now i will give you a simple review of it.

First of all, the sneakers are very good in wrapping. The front half part of the shoes is made of space cotton. It looks very good and it is more comfortable to wear. The foot feeling in the shoe is very solid, there is no dead corner part, and it is very soft, plus the plus space cotton material, make the shoes can adapt to more foot types. And the same material is used in the tongue part, overall feeling of the foot is very soft and comfortable.
Breathability is not particularly good, but as a pair of basketball shoes, Excessive requirements of the breathable aspect is needless. The most important thing about basketball shoes is the actual performance and protection. No matter what basketball shoes you wear, it will still be lame after Playing a few games. Therefore, there is no need to make excessive demands on this piece. There is no need to nitpick.

About cushioning, the hyperdunk X uses the classic zoom air cushion. From the first generation of hyperdunk 08, the hyperdunk series midsole cushioning technology has been around the zoom and lunar, and the hyperdunk 17 last year used the react technology. The effect is ok. This time hyperdunk X uses a split-and-left zoom. The foot feels softly and the cushioning performance is excellent during actual combat. Much like the actual feeling of Zoom Kobe 5 and 6, Nike still used the most secure configuration this time.

The stability of this shoes still maintains the consistent style of the hyperdunk series. It is as stable as before. Look at this shoe type and its sole, you will know that the stability of the shoes is not bad, and you don’t need to use your feet. After wear on it, I just felt that the stability of the forefoot was slightly insufficient. It may be cause the space cotton material is too soft, and the forefoot upper is not very supportive. In addition, the reverse roll is enough.

The entire sole pattern brings a good grip, and every time I do the action, I can stop me and not let me slip. The wear resistance is not to be said, and it is certainly not possible to fight the cement. The wooden floor and the rubber floor are still possible, and abrasion is in a normal state.
Overall, this pair of hyperdunk X is a pair of basketball shoes that you feel comfortable when you put on your feet. its a kind of basketball shoes have its appearance, the most stable zoom, it looks unpretentious but the actual combat will definitely surprise you. hyperdunk series is the best team shoes of Nike. These shoes are a kind of omnipotent basketball shoes. No matter where you are, what style of playing, this hyperdunk can help you.